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He is tall and thin.

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Form:   5 grade
Subject:  English
Time: 45 minute
Topic:  He is tall and thin.
Material:  Cards, handouts, poster, book, flashcard, DVD
Method: Interactive, mixed
Educational aim: to be  able  to pupils to make sentences with regular and irregular verbs in past Simple forms
Developing aim: to  develop  reading, writing  and  speaking  skills
Socio – cultural aim: to  practice  using regular and irregular verbs
Learning outcomes: By the end  of  the  lesson pupils will be able   to  talk  about  Past Simple Tense with regular and irregular verbs
Vocabulary and structure: buy-bought, see-saw, wash-washed………….
                                           Technological  map  of  the  lesson

I Warm up
to create a good atmosphere at the lesson
3 min
II Organizing moment
Prepare the class  for  the  lesson.
5 min
III Presentation of new theme
 To build vocabulary, to teach pupils to pronounce the words correctly
10 min
IV Practice exercises
To  consolidate  learnt themes
Poster Handouts
15 min
V Conclusion
To  create thinking  skills  of  pupils  
5 min
VI Marking
To  stimulate  almost  all  pupils  according  to  their  participation  at  the  lesson.  
5 min
VII Homework
To  consolidate  the  learnt  theme  
2 min
                             Teaching procedures:
I  The  beginning  of  the  lesson
     1. Warm up.  
Activity :  Think  and  create
Objective: how  well  the  pupils  remember  the  content
Time:     3 min
Interaction: Whole class
Ask  pupils  some  questions  without  any  preparation  and  let  them  answer  without  any  facts  or  without  reading. Questions:
1.Where and when we can use Past Simple Tense?
2.How are made regular and irregular verbs?
      2. Organizing moment.
 Prepare the class  for  the  lesson. Let  them  prepare  their  school  subjects  i.e. book, copybook, pen, pencils  and  others.
Ask  pupils  last  theme  and  homework. Check  homework. 
II  The  main  part  of  the  lesson
1.     Presentation  of  new  lesson
Activity 2. Look  and  repeat               
Objective:  to enable  pupil  to  talk  about of the  Past Simple
Tense in affirmative and interrogative forms
Time:    5 min
Material: Pictures
Interaction: Whole class
Ask  pupils  to  translate  regular and irregular verbs. Wordlist:  draw-drew, begin-began,drink-drank, help-helped, work-worked

 Activity 3.
Objectives:  to  practice  reading and using  skills  for Past Simple’s verbs
Time:    5 min
Material: Cards and pictures
Interaction:Work  in  pairs
Pupils  read  the  story "Gerry’s story”.Find  verbs which are used in Past form.
2.     Practice  exercises                       15min
Activity 4.
Objectives:  usage  of  grammar  skills   Simple Past in interrogative and affirmative forms
Time:    5 min
Material: Book. handouts
Interaction: Whole  class
Revise  the  leant  materials  orally
Subject – verb  + ed for regulalar forms
 Did- subject – verb for Interrogative forms
               .I visited my granny yesterday. Did you visit your granny yesterday?
                She put them in a vase. Did she put them in a vase?
                I gave her flowers. Did you give her flowers?
Activity 5.
Objectives:  usage  of  grammar  skills, usage  of  the  Past Simple in affirmative and interrogative form
Time:    5 min
Material: Cards, Handouts
Interaction: Work  in  pairs
Presentate     grammar  theme  and  explain  it  with  examples
Subject- verb+ed for regular verbs 
Did –subject – verb for interrogative forms
Example: Andy opened the window
                Did you open the window?  
 III  The  end  of  the  lesson    12 min
1. Conclusion.
Activity 7.  Chain  Drill
Objective:  to  create thinking  skills  of  pupils   
Time:    5 min
Material: Pictures, Poster.
Interaction: Whole  class
 There  are  pictures  of  fruits  on  handouts  and  pupils  have  to  think that  what  do  they  do using the Past Simple’s verbs
Activity 8. Make up  sentences and to learn by heart irregular verbs in the list
 Objective:  to consolidate  the  learnt  theme  
Time:    4 min
Material: Book
Interaction: Whole  Class
Make  five  sentences in Past Simple
3.     Marking
To  stimulate  almost  all  pupils  according  to  their  participation  at  the  lesson.
Used  Literatures.
1.     Fly High English 5 "O’qituvchi” nashriyot-matbaa ijodiy uyi Toshkent-2005
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For the 6rd Grade Theme: Did you open the window? By the English Teacher of Khanka

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